Digitising your business boosted  with Blockchain Smart Contracts.

We provide software development services specialiced on Decentraliced Application Platforms.  Our company gives your organizaion  the oportunity to think in a new way of making business and prepare your proccesses  for the next digital revolution

Our favorite

Our core technology stack is conceived to lead DAP and Web Projects. We keep our focus on reliable tools and services that guarantee: segurity,  efficiency and usability.

Meet our Founder CEO

Agustín Moreno

«At ODIN, we belive in a new way of organization. Were people provide us their «Gift as a Service» and we talk about «Continuos Integration » , not just on software but in life.
Know more about our life and work philosophy «

We’re born agile

We have a very singular merge of methodologies:

«We are bigger than our problems»

We always find the way to achieve each challenge using differents mix of methologies. Every projects is special and has its own approach. We love sharing this passion with our customers.

Scale as you need.

Agile Recruitment

Every project has its own singularity, we are up and ready to scale up with your needs thanks to our agile recruitment process.

Clients, Agrupations and Partners, conform our network, we belive in mutualism and win-win way of thinking.

We belong the two argentinian
Software industry chambers

What happen inside our Software Factory?

We show you how we build beautyfull software

LET’S GO!   surprised

We are from Argentina

our timezone is extremely convinient

New York: 1 hour diff.

San Francisco: 4 hour diff.

Or teams are available to work hand by hand matching almost the same timezone for US east coast and for US west coeas we still have 6 overlapping work hours.
This characteristic give us the advantage to syncronize work and meetings.


Comunication during a project is essential to achive milestones. We belive that building strong personal bounds with our clients is the soul of the relationship. That’s why the most we share time together the best results we will both get.

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Argentina Odin Headquarters

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Paraná, Entre Ríos

ZIP Code 3100

ARG +54 343 5019237

USA +1 786 861 7564


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